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Clinical Supervision

Psychotherapy learning rests on the three pillars of theoretical study, self-awareness and supervised clinical work. At Mobius we believe in the value of high-quality clinical supervision. Supervision functions as the bridge between theory and clinical work. Supervision always needs to be conducted with great sensitivity for the student’s self-esteem while at the same time imparting all the knowledge required to ensure the safety, sensibilities, and best interest of the client. Supervisors must also participate in continuing education to improve their own knowledge and skills.

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Are you looking to grow your practice and income? Are you looking to work with highly skilled, deeply motivated, and interpersonally warm and welcoming colleagues? At Mobius we strive to create a culture of inclusivity, respect, and collegiality. We believe that working in our field requires that we know how to care for ourselves to care well for our clients. We believe that a community of colleagues is the best way to ensure the sustainability of compassion, empathy and resilience.

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An online exploration of how psychotherapy and psychedelic experiences intersect and influence each other!