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Coping Strategies for Stress Related to World Events

Therapy can help you make sense of the emotions you are feeling, focus on the things you are able to change, and find calm in your day.

Are current events impacting your emotional wellbeing?

The world feels like a lot right now. The overload of information can make it difficult to separate what’s happening around the world from what’s going on in your everyday life.

The resulting uncertainty and powerlessness can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed.

We can help you get back on track with living.

Am I the only one feeling this way?

You are not alone. The last few years have been a complicated journey for most people. Processing your emotions, finding connections that matter, and living with purpose have become confusing steps for many people.

If you find yourself asking:

We can help you find the balance between staying informed and protecting your mental health.

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7 Tips on How to Cope with the Stress of World Events

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How can therapy help?

Therapy provides a safe and supportive space to express your thoughts and emotions. We will listen without judgment, helping you process and validate your feelings, navigate the challenges of the world, and develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your responses to current events.
In therapy, we will teach you effective coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelming emotions. We can help you identify triggers and find healthy ways to address them, equipping you with a toolbox of skills to navigate difficult emotions and situations with greater resilience and confidence.
Therapy can help you regulate your emotional responses to distressing news and events, helping you stay calm and grounded in the face of uncertainty. By learning to manage your emotions effectively, you can improve your overall well-being and find greater peace in the chaos.
We can offer a different perspective on current events, helping you gain clarity and understanding of complex issues. By exploring your values and beliefs and how they relate to the world around you, you can develop a more informed and balanced view of the world, allowing you to navigate its challenges with greater insight and emotional resilience.
If current events are causing conflicts in your relationships, therapy can provide guidance on effective communication and conflict resolution, helping you navigate difficult conversations with loved ones and protect your relationships among differing views and values.
Therapy can help you build emotional resilience, enabling you to adapt and thrive even in challenging times. With these skills, you can learn how to bounce back from adversity and find strength in your struggles.
Your therapist can help you set healthy boundaries, both in terms of news consumption and managing your emotional well-being so that you can regain a sense of control over the information you absorb and protect your mental health.

In an uncertain world, it is possible to find peace within yourself.

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Why Mobius Psychological Services?

Nahaleh Mosghtagh, Co-Founder & Clinical Director of Mobius Psychological Services in Toronto. Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, Ph.D., RP (Qualifying)

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We believe therapy creates the architecture of possibility.

We are dedicated to helping you build the foundation that will support your greatest potential.

We offer therapy that comes from our lived experiences, skills and education.

We provide compassionate support on the journey to understanding yourself better, making deeper connections and living more fully.

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Our Approach

How Our Therapy Works

We Listen To You

We take the time to understand your story, why you deeply desire change and what is causing your individual symptoms.

We Develop A Plan

We work together to find the right plan that will help you heal and provide the tools you need to live to your potential.

We Move Forward

We support you as you move forward, adapt to your needs, and help you become confident in making the right choices for yourself.

What you can expect from this approach

Because everyone’s journey is different, we can’t guarantee a specific timeline or result. What we can tell you is that time, and consistency are keys to progress.
You may notice improvements such as:
Feel more confident in what you can control.

Questions About Coping With World Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy can provide valuable guidance on effective communication and conflict resolution. Your therapist can help you learn how to engage in constructive dialogues, listen empathetically, and find common ground with those who hold different beliefs. This can improve your relationships and reduce tension in your social circle.
Yes, you can definitely feel better even if the world’s events remain unchanged. It’s important to remember that while we can’t control global events, we do have control over how we respond to them and manage our emotions. Through therapy, you can learn to navigate the challenges of the world more effectively, find ways to reduce stress and anxiety, and focus on the aspects of your life that you can influence and improve.

Talking can be incredibly therapeutic and beneficial when dealing with the emotional toll of current world events. Talking to friends and family is not always the best option, as they may be feeling similar to you, and in turn – create more anxiety. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a therapist can help you process your emotions while gaining tools and strategies to:

  • Gain clarity
  • Release emotions
  • Cope with fear and stress
  • Explore solutions
  • Build resilience
  • Talk to your children
As soon as you start sharing what you’re feeling there is often a sense of relief and release. Getting suggestions and education about stress responses and trauma understanding can help in as little as one session.

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