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Pain is a door not a wall

Most of us carry our pain tucked away from view. It comes from our history, our experiences and our stories and it shows up as irritability, fatigue, or an inability to sleep.

It feels like stress, anxiety or a sense of loss and it takes its toll on our relationships, careers and our life’s purpose.

We show you how to find the key

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Together we can create an architecture of new possibilities

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Psychedelic related therapy is also available.

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Why Mobius Psychological Services?

Nahaleh Mosghtagh, Co-Founder & Clinical Director of Mobius Psychological Services in Toronto. Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, Ph.D., RP (Qualifying)

Nahaleh Moshtagh
Co-Founder & Clinical Director

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    Culturally Diverse

We believe therapy creates the architecture of possibility.

We are dedicated to helping you build the foundation that will support your greatest potential.

We offer therapy that comes from our lived experiences, skills and education.

We provide compassionate support on the journey to understanding yourself better, making deeper connections and living more fully.

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Our Approach

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We Listen To You

We take the time to understand your story, why you deeply desire change and what is causing your individual symptoms.

We Develop A Plan

We work together to find the right plan that will help you heal and provide the tools you need to live to your potential.

We Move Forward

We support you as you move forward, adapt to your needs, and help you become confident in making the right choices for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to help each individual reach a core sense of well being and the highest potential of their creative self within the larger context of social and relational functioning. We combine the best practices of Eastern and Western knowledge and wisdom. No one grows alone. Even the most solitary tree is supported by a web of life below the ground.
In psychodynamic therapy, change is constructed together; it depends on what we are making, where you are starting, and how far you want to go. Some things may get resolved within months, and other things take years of work. In other kinds of therapy, like CBT and DBT there is usually a prescribed time, weeks or months, for addressing certain symptoms. The goal there is not foundational understanding or change. But whenever you start, that day you have created change.

Psychotherapy is often covered by extended benefits plans. If you would like to submit to your insurance provider, please check your coverage before your first session.

You can expect to be treated with respect and professionalism. You can expect everything you say to be held in confidence (except under rare circumstances). You can expect to be provided a time and space that is free from harm or exploitation. While therapists can have different ways of working and success is never guaranteed, you can expect that your time is being used to benefit you.

No one can guarantee a best fit unless one tries. At our clinic, we focus on matching you with the best professional we can find. We attend to all aspects of identity, race, ethnicity, culture, gender and sexual preference. We push our team to constantly improve their skills. We believe that to help you grow, we must also keep growing.

Therapy is expensive, but suffering costs even more. Click here to see our fees.

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